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Arborism was first known to be a formal practice in the 1900’s, where bow saws replaced stihl chainsaw and axe heads would be present instead of the large wood chippers that we have today. Back then, the arborist had no safety gear such as climbing harnesses, helmets, visas and chainsaw trousers.

Without suitable training, our tree surgeons in hertfordshire just simply wouldn’t be safe near a chipper or towards the top of a 60ft tree holding a chainsaw.

All of our personnel go through a rigorous training scheme, with separate courses held for ‘Treesmiths’ tree surgeons in Hertfordshire, for using and caring for chainsaws, tree climbing, towing a chipper, Ariel rescue as well as first aid courses.

Ariel rescue is to ensure that if in the unlikely event of a tree surgeons were to get get caught up in a tree, there would be a trained professional on site to perform a rescue that could help free or lower the person back down from the tree.

Yes you are welcome to keep any of the by-product if you wish. Please tell us your intentions when we come to give you a quote.

This is because in some circumstances we may be able to offer you a discount depending on the location and type of tree.

We will only usually cut your trunk into manageable sections, so if you need the trunk cut into smaller rings, then this is also something that would be worth mentioning at the time of your quote.

Some trees are covered by TPOs (tree preservation orders), if this is the case, then the local council would have to grant special permission before any works were to take place.

We can obtain this permission as your contractor, or if preferred you (if you are the landowner) can speak to the local council to have it granted yourselves.

Unfortunately we are unable to work on a tree that that has an application turned down.

If your in a Conservation Area then again the council must be contacted and given a minimum of 6 weeks notice of any works we wish to carry out. Application forms are usually found on the local councils websites in the planning sections. As we have said before, our tree surgeons in Hertfordshire are really are happy to help with any of the mentioned, so please feel free to speak to one of our tree surgeons in Hertfordshire.

Our tree surgeons in Hertfordshire are carbon neutral and environmentally friendly. In fact apart from the occasional chainsaw blade, we have little or no waste product.

Tree trunks are cut into rings and are stored away for seasoning. After a year or two depending on the variety, the rings are then cut into small pieces for our customers log fires or log burning stoves. Any limbs that are of the correct size can also be processed.

We call this pole wood, for obvious reasons. These bits are cut to a size dependent on the size of your log burner. Branches cut from your tree during the tree surgery are fed into a wood chipper and the end product can be used as a mulch around shrubs and plants (its a really good weed suppressant), or are turned into electricity via local power stations Our wood-chippers are mobile and are towed by our tree surgeons in hertfordshire

Yes of course. This gives us an even greater reason to do your tree surgery. Our tree surgeons in Hertfordshire will carefully evaluate the safety of a tree before proceeding with any works.

Sometimes a tree may be too unsafe to climb, but that doesn’t mean we cant do our works. This is when pole saws (chainsaws on extendable poles) and small cherry pickers are sometimes necessary.

Or sometimes in a suitable location, a tree surgeon can safely fell a tree with the use of ropes guiding the direction of the trees fall.

This question arises more often than people think. It sound unfair doesn’t it… your neighbor has a huge tree that overhangs your garden blocking out any light.

Your grass and plant are suffering and you cant do any sunbathing in the summer. I’m afraid by law we are only allowed to do tree surgery on a tree that’s located within your boundary (the stump must be on your property). We can, however, cut off any overhanging branches, as long as we don’t make the tree unstable or unsafe in the process.

We have on numerous times partaken in tree surgery in Hertfordshire where neighbors will split the cost of the tree works, as the removal is seen as mutually beneficial

Tree surgeons in Hertfordshire charge various different amounts for tree work based on the estimated time to complete the job and the expertise required to complete the job.

Some jobs such as cutting away a small overhanging dead branch from your shed roof may only take an arborist a few minutes as we can reach it without needing any tools other than a chainsaw. Other jobs however such as removing a limb, would require a tree surgeon to physically climb up the tree, various chainsaws, a wood chipper and a groundsman.

Other factors that are taken into consideration are ease of access to the tree, and the distance from the tree to the nearest parking spot (if an arborist can park near the tree, he can cart away debris a lot quicker).

Not a problem at all. We have performed our tree surgery on numerous trees where the properties have no gated access. We will help move any large items of furniture that may be block the access between your front and back doors, we than lay dust sheets on the floor and furniture.

When your house is protected, we will the cut any branches or wood small enough to be carried through your house without causing any damage to your walls or furniture.

Ideally one of our tree surgeons in Hertfordshire would prune fruit trees in the winter months, as it will ready them for the spring. If your arborist does not prune the fruit trees they will be adversely effected by old branches that could effect next years crop.

Depending on the species of tree, yes the roots can live on, grow or even re-sprout new shoots. Our tree surgeons in hertfordshire are very experienced, so if there were ever a chance of anything like that happening to to your tree stump / tree roots, then rest assured we would poison the stump for you to ensure this never happens in you garden.

Yes most of our wood from our tree surgery is processed and converted into logs. All you need to do is give us a call and ask about our availability and pricing at the time. We usually need a couple of days notice to ensure that we have them cut and ready for you. We often cut these logs to size, as many of our customers have log burners.

We do a lot of stump grinding, and have a choice of three machines. We have a large stump grinder to deal with the most troublesome of stumps, all of the way down to a a grinder that is designed to fit through a small gate or a front door. Depending on the type and location of the stump in question – we usually grind the stump down to a few inches below ground level.

Not only do we have our tree surgeons in Hertfordshire but we also offer a Comprehensive landscaping service including new tree planting (maybe to replace a tree we have felled), a new lawn turfing service – this may involve the removal of your old grass, and rotivating or supplying new soil as well as re-turfing or re-seeding your garden.

We also have experienced fencers on out team, so if you need anything from a slide in fence panel replacement to a new concrete post – we can help! TreeSmiths also have very good contacts with plant wholesalers and suppliers and this means we can ring to you very competitive deals on tree, plants, bushes and shrubs. If you need a price for anything online, then why not send us an an mail with your requirements, we can work out a quote and get back to you as soon as we possibly can.


We are always happy to take your calls, we prefer to come and see your trees, but we always have a tree surgeon on the other end of the line with an offer of advice